Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our First Day

Our first day was as if a sweet dream. With so many children returning, more capable than ever and with younger siblings who last year had their noses pressed against the window, now so eagerly entering in to the work and play, the class is quite harmonious. Miss Elisa is introducing a new bread recipe, with cracked grain soaked with yogurt to stimulate digestive enzymes. It was well received. She is also bringing a new dough-kneading song set in the mood of the fifth, which seems to meet and carry the children in a magical way.

Gates Open Back to Preschool

Children and families gathered Saturday, September 8 for a work party to spruce up the Spindlewood grounds. At the close of the morning, new gates built by parent Sean Donaghy (pictured top right with twin toddlers) were opened to signal the beginning of the preschool year. Posts were installed by alumnus Christian Wincklhofer.