Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A New York Times Article about reclaiming Kindergarten

Here's an article from Peggy Orenstein who has her finger on the pulse of current research and is resonating with the voice of our friends at Alliance for Childhood!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Spindlewood May Celebration

You are Invited!

May Celebration
for young children and families

This Thursday, May 7
8:30 - 10:30 a.m.
Spindlewood Waldorf Kindergarten

8:30 May Pole Raising
9:00 May Crown Weaving
9:30 Circle time
Skipping and Singing around the Maypole
10:00 Snack of Breads, Cheese & Fruit
10:15 Puppet Play - The Queen Bee
RSVP Susan @

LifeWays training weekend "Nurturing and Nourishing - Child and Caregiver

Our third session of the 2008-2009 LifeWays Early Childhood and Human Develpoment Training took place last weekend in Freeport, Maine. With Elizabeth Sustick, anthrposophical nurse we focused on the Nurturing Arts, one of the cornerstones of this relationship-based way of caring for children.

At each of the four session, students create a festival for families. This time we anticipated Whitsund. You can see our photos at

Here are some letters from some of the 22 students:

"...i am so grateful for this training. i love the mother it is helping me to become.
warmest blessings"
"change the world ~ nurture a child"

"What I love most about Waldorf and Lifeways teachings is the great level of respect, love and care it has for our special little children. It's an INCREDIBLY tender approach to being in relationship with children as well as with one another. It simply amazes me!!

"Susan, your spirit speaks great truth. You ARE, clearly, what you teach. The way you were in relationship with all of us over the weekend is a wonderful model of the way we can be in relationship with our little ones. You are a very special kind, so true and so accepting.

"I say this with great was somewhat intimidating to bring my mainstream, non-waldorf, children to a group of, seemingly, Waldorf experienced folks. Gina and I come our kids with their "plastic" clothes and tv filled brains and sugar filled we come to make some noise!! But you know, I didn't feel judged a bit. We are all on a journey and need to start somewhere. I was so happy we could bring our little ones and so happy that everyone could meet them. The celebration was beautiful...."

"It really was a special wonderful weekend and i am so grateful I can be part of this training, and to be in a circle of nurturing caring women."