Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sheep shearing!

No, that isn’t a leopard that Emily Garnett is shearing! Buttercup looks different without her winter coat. Emily did such a beautiful job. She made it look easy. Now we have wool to wash and use for stuffing dolls and spinning yarn!

All winter, as you recall, we waited for lambs to be born, but when none appeared, we found a new companion for Buttercup. The children have named her Daisy.

Happy spring!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Regatta this morning!


The fleet is ready to launch! Sanded and drilled, with a peeled mast! When you arrive in the morning you can help us find just the right leaf to use as a new sail, and then we will begin our portage through the woods to the stream.

The captains of the boats have been alerted that the bridge across the stream is unfit for walking, so they will be issuing warnings. We will turn left upon arrival at the bridge, and proceed along the mossy banks to the sandy peninsula. The first to launch will be Strawberry, bearing candles for her summer birthday. The remaining vessels will launch in order of age, beginning with the youngest.

We will follow them down the stream and pull out when they have passed the bridge. Then we will break for watermelon!

Don't forget your safety gear! Rubber boots, long pants or tights, long sleeves and hats are needed for bug protection. We have a spray repellent you are welcome to use when you arrive.

See you early in the morning.

M. Susan

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers' May Celebration Today

At our Mothers' May Day Celebration today, the children wove crowns for their mothers and grandmothers and served them small breads shaped liked doves. We sang our spring songs as we wound our colored ribbons, and ended our morning with a puppet play of The Queen Bee.
So thankful that the sun shone at last!